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Tips to a Successful Tradeshow

  1. Order you Simpson Financial Group trade-show display a minimum of 30 days prior to show.
  2. You must have a hook...a giveaway...a drawing for something to get the people to leave their name and number so they can win...(and so you can call them). These items are available through your broker portal.
  3. When booking a tradeshow look carefully at your booth placement and who is around you. Don't select a spot that is right beside a competitor.
  4. Whenever possible select a corner booth…this gives you two selling sides as opposed to only one.
  5. Always have your “display tables” set back in the booth. You don’t want to create a barrier between you and your prospect.
  6. Whenever possible, purchase carpet for your booth…it looks better and your people will be more comfortable after standing all day.
  7. Make sure all agents attending the show are dressed professionally. Everyone working the booth should try to look somewhat uniform…always try to wear the same color pants and a Simpson Financial Group shirt.
  8. Depending on the show, the logo shirts may not be dressy enough…if you are not wearing the logo shirts then dress in business attire.
  9. Always have at least two people working the booth at all times.
  10. Be early each day so that you are setup and ready before the first prospect comes by. Stay each day until the show closes…most vendors leave early if it slows down…NEVER DO THIS.
  11. Keep the booth neat and organized…don’t leave your things all over the booth or on the floor…put everything (personal items) under the table.
  12. Don’t eat in the booth…take turns leaving to take lunch breaks.
  13. While standing in the booth, don’t stay in the back…always be out in front. It is more inviting for people to come in and see what you have.
  14. Speak to EVERYONE who comes by…regardless of how good a prospect you think they are.
  15. Make eye contact with EVERYONE that passes your booth…this makes it harder for them to walk by.
  16. Never cross your arms or hands while in the booth…you look cold and unapproachable…you want to look inviting.
  17. While at the show make sure you go around to ALL the vendors EVERYDAY. They need insurance too and are working different shifts…just like you.
  18. Always take your leads or business cards home each night…that is what you are there for…don’t tempt someone else to take them.
  19. Follow up with your leads starting the very next day after you receive the name and number.
  20. After the show is over continue to follow up and work that lead hard.
  21. Attend every tradeshow you can…it only takes one contact at a show to pay for your investment.
  22. When the show is over you usually can get a “deal” on the next year’s show if you sign up then…DO IT!
  23. ALWAYS BE ENERGETIC AND PASSIONATE!!! You may have talked to hundreds of people that day but that is the first time that prospect has spoken to you.
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