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Local Listings FAQ's

To begin to leverage the Simpson Financial Group name with consumers, we will use the Simpson Financial Group brand for your Local Listings program.,/p>

Participation in the Local Listings program requires the use of your home address. While some websites allows us to suppress the display of this information, many websites do not offer this feature so your home address may be visible on some sites. NOTE: one your address has been posted online, it may be difficult or impossible to have it removed from sites at a later date.,/p>

Because your home address will be used, we require all participants to opt-in to the Local Listings program.,/p>

Agents can access the required opt-in form from the Marketing Tools page in the "SFG Public Listing Program" box or directly via this link


Q: Why do I have to sign the opt-in form? 
A: Because your home address will be used, we require all participants to opt-in to the Local Listings program. You can access the opt-in form from the Marketing Tools page in the “SFG Public Listing Program” box or directly via this link: (hyperlink to the "opt-in form")

Q: I don’t want to have my home address appear on a site. Can I use another address? 
A: No. You must use your home address. A P.O. Box or the branch address cannot be used.

Q: How do I change my address if I move? 
A: At this time, contact and they will take the information related to your change of address for the program.

Q: Will this guarantee that my name appears in search results? 
A: Because each web site has their own formula for determining what information is posted, we cannot guarantee results. What we will guarantee is that the correct data is being provided to the sites and that we will work with our vendor to help the information gain visibility on as many of the most popular sites as possible.

Q: How will I know what sites my information is posted to? 
A: It generally takes approximately 30 days for a new listing to show up in search results. After you have been in the program for a month, the best way to see where you are showing up is to enter your name in a specific search engine or in Google. Additionally, you could see what comes up if you enter “health insurance” and your city/state.

Q: Does the company have any control over which broker shows up first? 
A: No. Each web site has its own formula for determining what information is posted. We cannot guarantee results or the order in which the broker are listed.

Q: How can I get my name to move up higher in results? 
A: Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! want to highlight listings that have positive consumer feedback. As a result, listings that have positive ratings may be higher than others. We encourage you to invite clients to rate you on these sites. We also strongly discourage you from submitting positive ratings for yourself. The search engines can detect self submitted ratings and those listings are penalized either by a lower place in results or by delisting completely.

Q: If I get a bad review, can I respond? 
A: We encourage you to monitor your ratings and address an unfavorable rating quickly and in a tactful and positive manner. NEVER ARGUE WITH A CLIENT ONLINE. An example post to a negative review would be, “I am sorry you had that experience. Please call me and let me do what I can do to make it right.” This type of response shows anyone who reads the reviews that you took positive steps to resolve the compliant.

Q: Will I get in trouble if someone gives me a bad review? 
A: Generally no, however Simpson Financial Group's Compliance Department will be monitoring reviews and will contact you to discuss client comments that suggest unethical or illegal behavior.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions that are not answered in this FAQ? 
A: Contact an for additional assistance.

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