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You may know that most children, teenagers and young adults can stay on a parent's health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old. This is part of the reforms put in place by the Affordable Care Act. After they turn 26, most young adults have to get their own health insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Putting down the French Fries and Soda can pay dividends. So can finding healthier ways to enjoy an afternoon snack. A proper diet can go a long way towards helping you live a healthier life. That said, many of us struggle to make positive changes to our dietary habits. However, a proper diet can help you improve your health. READ MORE >>

Wellness isn't just about staying physically healthy. It is also about staying emotionally healthy and avoiding harmful substances. An estimated 43.8 million Americans suffer from mental illness. Furthermore, in 2014, an estimated 21.5 million Americans struggled with addiction. READ MORE >>

Retirement means a lot of life changes. As you prepare to leave the workforce, you may see your financial needs change. And you may worry about your long-term security and solvency. One area that may concern you is your health insurance coverage. Many individuals receive their health insurance through their employer. READ MORE >>

The way the Affordable Care Act (ACA) covers children can differ from the way it covers adults. Children may have access to unique services through both ACA marketplace plans and private policies. With the right insurance coverage, your children can get the care they need at one of the most critical times of their lives. READ MORE >>

Childhood is one of the most important developmental periods of anyone's life. Seldom do our bodies change and face illness risks at quite so unique a capacity. Most children have specific medical needs. As such, you cannot understate the importance of health insurance for a dependent child. READ MORE >>

Even though summer is still hanging around, we're fast approaching cold and flu season. Influenza is a serious illness, and one that no one wants to get. There are things you can do now to prepare for flu season. With the help of your health insurance coverage, you may gain more comprehensive access to the care you need to prevent or treat the flu. READ MORE >>

Most Americans are required by law to have health insurance. Therefore, it is your responsibility to maintain coverage. However, you have to do your duty and search for the appropriate coverage that meets your needs. The health insurance market is a complex system, full of plans of every shape and size. READ MORE >>

Many young people move away from home for the first time when they go off to college. College students often must see to their own welfare. This often includes managing their own health. Should a student get sick or hurt while at school, they might need resources to recover. Health insurance can assist these situations. READ MORE >>

The Affordable Care Act substantially changed the health insurance market. One of the most recognized changes it brought was the individual mandate. This law requires most Americans to carry health insurance. It is imperative that Americans enroll in a health insurance plan. READ MORE >>

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